Welcome to PPM. Set up twenty years ago in the heart of Southeast Asia, PPM is an international pharmaceutical and healthcare company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Initiated with the support of the European Union ECIP program, a partner of the CERP France Group partner and GMP- certified, PPM has a high level of human and technological resources to develop and produce a wide range of antibiotics, analgesics and high-quality products of family medication complying with international control and safety standards.

A leader on its domestic market, PPM now exports over half of its production to French-speaking Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Created in a developing country, the PPM Company has contributed to Cambodia’s recovery process by boosting its pharmaceutical industry and facilitating widespread access to quality drugs. With 300 employees and a powerful distribution network, PPM proudly strives every day for a better health for everyone, everywhere, especially in developing countries.