Message from the president


We created PPM in the 1990s to rebuild Cambodia’s pharmaceutical industry, of which there was nothing left after the Khmer Rouge empire.

The project received the support from the European Union ECIP program.

In 1996, there was an emergency: ensuring that all Cambodians had access to high-quality, controlled and safe medicines.

To facilitate widespread access to these drugs in Cambodia, to contribute to Cambodia’s economic development by enabling a thriving pharmaceutical industry to flourish, to develop products accounting for developing countries’ specific pathologies in the areas of infectious diseases, vitamins, OTC…, these have been our first missions.

With CERP, our long-standing partner, our laboratory quickly became Cambodia’s leading pharmaceutical laboratory before expanding into export markets.

Today, aside from Cambodia’s export of manufactured goods excluding textiles, PPM laboratories proudly wear the kingdom’s colours in some 20 countries in Southeast Asia and French-speaking Africa.

With the Kinal and Kinal Ibu range as it’s banner products, PPM laboratories continues it’s ambition to 400 employees to bring quality medicines at affordable prices to people in developing countries.

As a pharmacist from a developing country, I could not have dreamed of a greater success.

Dr Hay Ly Eang, PPM Pharma Products Manufacturing CEO

Dr Hay Ly Eang
President of PPM