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PARA P.P.M Tablet

PARA P.P.M Tablet



PARA P.P.M Tablet​ is used for symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate pain and/or fever such as headache, toothache, back pain, myalgia.


  • Tablet of 100 mg: Paracetamol ……………………. 100mg
  • Tablet of 300 mg: Paracetamol ……………………. 300mg
  • Tablet of 500 mg: Paracetamol …………………….. 500mg


  PARA P.P.M tablet of 100 mg PARA P.P.M tablet of 300 mg PARA P.P.M tablet of 500 mg
The dose may be repeated every 6 hours if needed (for children from 4 months to 12 years and over). Do not exceed 4 doses per day.
4 months to 11 months ½ to 1 tablet
12 to 23 months 1½ tablets ½ tablet
2 to 5 years 2 tablets
6 to 8 years 3 tablets 1 tablet
9 to 11 years 4 tablets 1 tablet
The dose may be repeated every 4 hours minimum if needed (for adult). In general, do not exceed 6 tablets per day. However, the maximum adult daily dose is up to 8 tablets per day.
Adult 1 to 2 tablets

Mode of administration:
 Oral route.

STORAGE: Store below 30ºC. Protect from light, heat and humidity.


  • Allergic reactions (erythema or urticaria) are rare. If the sensitivity reaction occurs, discontinue the use of this drug.
  • PREGNANCY AND BREAST-FEEDING: This drug can be prescribed during the pregnancy and breast-feeding at therapeutic dose.

Inform your doctor or pharmacist about any undesirable effect which is not mentioned in this leaflet.

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